Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pictures of the New House!

I'm finally posting pictures of the new house. They were taken right after the rooms were painted, so there's still stuff everywhere! I will take some more once we've unpacked, so you can see the completed rooms. I've also posted old pictures so you can see the difference between the unpainted and painted rooms.

The Tale of El Nino and the Leaking Roof

Once upon a time, there was a family with 2 parents and 4 children. After having to move unexpectedly into a small apartment, they found a new home! While preparing for the long awaited move, El Nino struck!

It rained and rained. After a few days, water started dripping out of the smoke detector onto the floor of the master bedroom. No problem, said the parents. They put a bowl under the leak and called the leasing office. The next evening, after coming home from a long day of cleaning the new, but messy home, the mother found a note on the door stating that the problem was resolved and roofers were called. However, her bowl still sat on the bedroom floor. She dumped the water and left to pick up her children from school.

She returned home an hour later in the pouring rain to smoke detectors blaring, cats freaking out, and rain pouring out of the smoke detector. She called the management office and maintenance was quickly dispatched. The maintenance man took down the smoke detector (which stopped the horrendous noise) and began to leave the apartment. The mother insisted on having her bowl replaced with a bucket. The only item the gentleman could find was a metal planter, but it did the job.

The following afternoon, the mother returned home after a long day of painting the new home. As she was gathering laundry, she brushed up against her bed and found it drenched. The leak had travelled and was now coming down on her bed! She put the same bowl under the leak, and called the office again. Someone was dispatched, and again, her bowl was left to take care of the leak.

After some haggling and the parents sleeping on the couches for a week, the family received 3 days rent credit, the depreciated value of the mattress, and moved out a week early to the new house.

Here are a few pictures of the leaks. It was much more impressive when you viewed it with our bed, etc., but I didn't post those. Enjoy!

Cats... You've got a theme going...

Why do I have pictures of a cat toy, you ask? Well, we bought this for the cats so they won't claw the new furniture, but we've found that our children like it more than the cats. The first two pictures are my attempts to capture my children playing with the cat toy. The last one shows Michael running away after playing with it.

Cupcake Mouth...

AJ's class had a Valentine's Day party at school. When I picked him up from the classroom, he was perfectly presentable, but he took home a cupcake with red icing and ate it in the car on the way home. These are the results. (He tried to hide from me, but decided it was okay if I took a picture of him and posted it on the blog.)

You've Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

Jacob turned 19 on the 9th. Here are a few photos from the celebration.

More Cats...

Our female cat, Mia, loves to come up to us at the table and beg for food. John started this by giving her some of his food on the bench. Now she begs him the most.

Paintball Injuries

John took Michael and David to play paintball with some friends from church.

Here are a few pictures of the injuries they sustained.

David's chest welt (a little smaller than a quarter)

John's finger

Michael's finger

Michael's back welt (about the size of a quarter)


Yes, I am crazy enough to blog about my cats, but I couldn't resist taking this picture.

We moved part of our old sectional to our bedroom in an effort to fit all the furniture (new and old) into the apartment. Our male cat, Milo, immediately jumped to the top and claimed it. We put some boxes next to it and our female cat, Mia, claimed those.


We had the privilege of watching a friend's daughter while she and her husband attended the Temple. We had a great time!

Here's a picture of John feeding her. (Note the boxes around him, we were packing for our move.)