Friday, August 30, 2013

One More Picture!

I forgot to post this picture of John from the Foam Fest 5K.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


It has been a constant battle to keep my garden free from rabbits and caterpillars this year! 

I put up some green plastic (in a grid pattern) to keep the rabbits out of my backyard.  It worked for a while, then I found a rabbit in my backyard (which should be impossible).  When I investigated, I found this:

Take note of the green plastic pieces on the ground.  The rabbit chewed it's way through!

After seeing this, I noticed that my pepper plant near my gate was being eaten.  I thought it was the rabbits, but I was wrong!  I have more hornworm caterpillars!

Thankfully, they didn't eat any peppers!

My Garden Haul

My garden has really started growing, and I've been able to harvest some produce this week and last.  It is delicious!

AJ's 12th Birthday!

My baby is growing up.  He turned twelve a couple of weeks ago.  We took some pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Okay, it's not a chicken dinner, but we did win some free cupcakes!  Bake You Happy posted a picture on Facebook and announced that the first few people to visit their store mentioning the giveaway would win free goodies.  We won four, YUMMY cupcakes!  Thanks, Bake You Happy!

Pecan Pie

I'd never had pecan pie, so I decided to make one and try it out.  It turned out beautifully, but I've decided I only like the crispy top part (because it tastes like pecan brittle).  A friend sent me a chocolate pecan pie recipe, so I'm going to try that out before I declare that I do not like pecan pie.

Here are some pictures of my first attempt at a pecan pie.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foam Fest 5K 2013

I've been talking about running a 5K for several months, but I wasn't sure I was ready.  John found a fun family 5K called the "Foam Fest 5K."  It involves a lot of mud, water, and soapy foam.  We decided to run it as a family.  Everyone but Jacob decided to take part.   Here are some pictures of the fun we had. 

I enjoyed it so much, I would definitely do it again!  And I would recommend anyone who is thinking about doing a 5K (running or walking) check this out in your area.  They are held all over the country and are not "ultra-competitive."

(Our shoes after the 5K.)

(The sprinklers went off as I took their picture.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disneyland with Friends

Last Thursday, AJ had a "play date" at Disneyland.  Some other friends came along, but I didn't take very many pictures.  Here are the few I have.