Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night at the Museum: Take 3. a.k.a. Mormon Prom 2011, Finally the Parents are done with the pictures!

Night at the Museum: Take 2. a.k.a. Mormon Prom 2011

More photos (at a local park).

Night at the Museum: Take 1. a.k.a. Mormon Prom 2011

AJ's Field Trip to the Gene Autry Museum

I accompanied A.J. on his school field trip to the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage on Friday. We had a fun time learning about movie making (see AJ's "western" movie at the bottom of this post), the gold rush (including panning for gold), the plains Indians, and more.

I think one of AJ's favorite parts of the field trip was eating a fancy piece of chocolate cake in the cafeteria.

Panning for gold.


AJ's Western Scene...

Silly Cat

Our cat, Mia, is a strange one. She has loved David's Eagle Scout project, because he made blankets which she could lay on (and on the scraps of fabric).

After his project last Saturday, David brought all the blankets in and lined the dining room wall (until we dropped them off today). Mia plopped herself down in the middle of the blankets. I hope none of the kids who receive a blanket we made is allergic to cats.

Today, after we loaded all the blankets in the car, Mia looked a bit depressed while gazing down at the dining room. (Of course, she wouldn't keep that pose while I took the picture, because she's afraid of the camera. This is the best I could get.)

Zoo Trip: Family

Everyone has tired of me taking their pictures, so I only have one picture of the family from our Zoo trip (that I took). AJ took one of me, too.

Zoo Trip: Animals

Whenever we visit the zoo, I like to take some pictures of the animals. I snapped quite a few on our trip during Spring Break. Here are some of my favorites.

Michael's First Jazz Band Competition

Michael is in the Jazz Band at school. Last Saturday (the day of David's Eagle Scout Project), his band competed in their first Jazz Band Competition. They won first place!

Here are a couple pictures of Michael after the awards ceremony.

A Transformer Has Invaded Our Home!

John needed a new computer for his home office, so he spent the better part of the last week shopping around for one. He finally settled on the one pictured below.

I think it looks a bit like a Transformer. Don't you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

David's Eagle Scout Project - Almost Complete!

My son, David, held his Eagle Scout Project to benefit Project Linus last Saturday, April 16. 112 blankets were completed on Saturday! His grand total (with a couple more blankets coming after Saturday) was 116 blankets to benefit Project Linus!

We are so proud of you, David! And a big "THANK YOU!" to all those who helped. We could not have done it without you!

Flowers and Other Pretty Things

I've snapped some photos over the past few weeks of some beautiful things. I thought I'd share a few.