Thursday, December 26, 2013

Michael's Scout Scuba Activity

Michael's Boy Scout leader arranged a super fun activity for the boys to learn how to scuba dive.  Here is a video and some pictures his wife took.  (Thanks, Mindy!)

Video of Michael Scuba Diving

Friday, October 18, 2013

General Conference - October 2013

Here are a few pictures from General Conference (well in the conference center before it started).

This isn't a picture of us, but John took it as we were leaving the conference center after the Sunday afternoon session of conference.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We were privileged to go to General Conference in Utah the weekend before last.  We were so excited that we went early to get a good seat. 

The only problem was that I get cold really easily!  I brought a jacket, but it was a California jacket (which doesn't do much in Utah).  So I bundled up as much as I could, and we waited.  It was worth the wait, but I was FREEZING! 

Here are a few pictures from our Saturday morning wait.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun at Disneyland!

We took a quick trip to Disneyland yesterday and had a fabulous time!  We didn't take a lot of pictures, but I did snap one of Kristina and me on Splash Mountain.  We were totally soaked after!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You Just Never Know WHO You're Going To Run Into At Cafe Rio!

We went to Cafe Rio in Spanish Fork when we were in Utah for General Conference.  We called Mandi and invited her to come to dinner with us.  She'd already eaten, but she stopped by with Hailey to say hello.

And who else did I run in to?  Amy and Tim Ewell!  It's a small world, huh?

Scout Bike Trip

Michael went on a long bike ride with the Scouts in his troop, and John came along for the fun of it.  He's not in any of the pictures, but he did capture Michael with some of his friends.

Fun with Panoramic iPhone Pics

John's iPhone has a panoramic photo feature.  Here are some fun ones.

Utah Trip

John, Michael, AJ, and I took a quick trip to Utah to see General Conference last weekend.  Here are a few pictures from Temple Square.

Friday, October 11, 2013

And this is how it SHOULD be...

Two women's restrooms for everyone one men's restroom.  Wouldn't you agree?  Very forward thinking, In-N-Out in Victorville!

It's BACON!!!

Some good friends of ours know how much my boys like bacon, so they bought a variety of bacon "treats" from the Charlie Brown store in Littlerock, CA.  They were a lot of fun!

Court of Honor

Last week, we went to a Boy Scout Court of Honor for the boy's Scout troop.  Both Michael and AJ received some awards.  Here are some pictures.