Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Pictures: A Lizard in the Sink

I let Michael use my old digital camera for a youth "Scavenger Hunt" activity last week. When I pulled the photos off the memory card, I found all these old pictures that I don't think I shared.

These two are from our old house. I had a few lizard problems while living in that house (finding on in our garage, it ran into a mouse trap, went back later to remove it thinking it would be dead and it was gone; running over a different lizard in the driveway a few days later; and finding this lizard in our house).

This lizard was on our stove the day prior to these pictures, and I really didn't want to catch it. I am pretty good about most things. I can deal with mice, most bugs, etc., but this little lizard freaked me out. Of course, I did have the presence of mind to take pictures. Enjoy!


Jenn said...

That's an alligator lizard and they bite!!! I wouldn't touch it either... nasty!!