Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Decorations

We had some serious Christmas decorating problems this year. Our tree turned out fine.

So did the "Angel Tree" for church.

Our house, on the other hand, was just sad. We put up our lights from last year. One string didn't work, so we tested the other. It seemed fine, so we put it up. Then we put up some new LED lights for a classy, one-color light display. When we switched them on, the old string didn't work. I know I tested it, but for some reason, once it was up, it no longer worked.

We went to the store and bought another string, but it wasn't long enough. By the time we went back to the store, they were out. So we left up our sorry light display (which looked particularly sad next to our neighbors' fantastic displays). I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but, trust me, you're not missing out. Here are a couple photos of the decorations going up.

AJ bought this sign for John for his birthday.