Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let the Wisdom Tooth Saga Begin...

Up until a week ago, I was the only person in our family who had had their wisdom teeth removed. Mine were pretty straight forward. The dentist thought I'd have room (when I was younger), but as I aged I noticed my bottom teeth shifting a bit, so I had them removed. They were straight pulls, so not a big deal.

When I took David to the dentist a few weeks ago, he mentioned that one of David's 12 year molars had not descended, and he thought one of David's wisdom teeth might be holding it up. So I took him to the oral surgeon who removed my wisdom teeth.

Sure enough, his wisdom tooth was, indeed, holding it up so it was not coming in as it should be. We also discovered that David had 6 wisdom teeth, not 4. He had 2 on the top (on each side) and one on each side on the bottom. (See his x-ray?)

We scheduled surgery for the next week. Here he is right before. Isn't he handsome?

The removal went smoothly, with the oral surgeon getting all 6 teeth. David didn't have much swelling (as these things go). He was a real trooper and didn't complain very much at all.

He went back to school yesterday and is doing really well.

You might think that's the end, but it's not. Jacob is having his wisdom teeth removed on April 7, and John is having his removed on April 11. Fun, huh?