Thursday, October 9, 2008

My husband, John, has encouraged me to start a blog, so here it is! I know the title is weird, but my family will understand it. When I was a little girl, my brother and sisters used to call me "Lori Pori" and say, "Lori Pori, what's the story?" John suggested I use it as the title of my blog and it stuck.

Hopefully my blog will become more refined and complete as I add more details and posts, but I want to begin by sharing my thoughts and views about California's Proposition 8. Prop 8 is a voter initiative on the November 4 ballot to add the following as a constitutional amendment:

Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.

Because California law requires that domestic partnerships as marriage (click on this link to the California code), I believe that Proposition 8 is not only about equality. Proposition 8 is about the very reason our forefathers came to America: freedom of religion and freedom of speech. If Prop 8 does not pass, churches and individuals will be compelled by California's strict anti-discrimination laws to accept same gender marriage as equal to marriage between a man and a woman. Citizens and organizations will not be able to declare and live their beliefs without government interference and penalties. That is not why our forefathers fought for freedom in America.

The effects of legalized same gender marriage can be seen in other countries where it is legal and also in Massachusetts and California.

On August 19 in California, the Los Angeles Times ran an article announci
ng that "Doctors may not discriminate against gays and lesbians in medical treatment, even if the procedures being sought conflict with physicians' religious beliefs, the California Supreme Court decided unanimously Monday... The state high court said the doctors' constitutional rights to freedom of religion did not trump the state antidiscrimination law because the state has a compelling interest in ensuring full and equal access to medical care." Click on this link the view the article.

In Massachusetts, Catholic Charities Adoptions have been discontinued, because the state government tried to force Catholic Charities to go against their deeply held religious beliefs that they should place children only with married, heterosexual couples. Also in Massachusetts schools, children are being taught that same sex marriage is the same as traditional marriage.

In Brazil, "hate charges" have been filed against church clergy members who preached in sermons from the pulpit that homosexuality is a sin.

Here are links to a few websites which detail California's Proposition 8 along with potential effe
cts if it does not pass. I hope you will check them out!

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