Monday, September 21, 2009

Primary Activity at the Los Angeles Temple

Our ward primary held their quarterly activity at the Los Angeles Temple (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). We took a tour of the temple grounds and learned about some of the symbolism of the temple's architecture and grounds. For example, there are 5 steps leading up to the temple doors. They stand for: faith, repentence, baptism, confirmation, and enduring to the end. After the tour, we went to a nearby park in Westwood and enjoyed a picnic lunch with the Primary.

I asked A.J. what his favorite part of the activity was, and he said it was touching the temple. I asked him why and he said that he felt "good" and "holy" when he touched the temple, and that he knew it was God's house. I explained to him that was the Holy Spirit testifying that this is God's house. I also told him that now he knew what the Holy Spirit felt like, he should "listen" for it, and his testimony will grow.

It was a great experience for our family and our ward family.

Here's a picture of A.J. touching the temple. The leaders had the kids do this, because of President Monson's statement "As we touch the temple, the temple touches us."

Here's a picture of the kids in front of the statue of the family. The kids were encouraged to try and pull the kids away from the family. Just as it didn't work with the statue, a temple marriage can endure and keep our family together, so no outside force can destroy it.

These are the doors where newly married couples exit the temple, and many have their pictures taken here.

These are the doors to the baptistry.

These are the doors to the temple. Notice the five steps I mentioned earlier.


Jenn said...

well, I'm glad you took lots of pictures! It was a great Activity and even I learned lots of things.

Amber said...

I just posted about the temple activity too. Now I have your blog address. Yay. I'll had you to my list.

Mrs. Anderson said...

what a memorable experience for AJ's testimony!

tphillips said...

How cool! I wish we could have been looks like it was a really cool experience for the kids. I love your conversation with A.J!