Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Why is there a picture of burnt toast on my blog? It's kind of a long story.

Soon after John and I were married, we bought our first toaster oven. John had one in his house growing up and insisted we needed one. Well, I loved having one, so we've had one for most of our married life. When our last one died, we decided we would buy a cheap one to replace it. We have had more problems with this toaster oven than any other appliance we've ever had!

At first, it burned everything really fast! It was like we were holding our food up to the sun! Everything came out looking like a charcoal briquette! After a few days, we figured out it's quirks and I could get a pretty decent piece of toast out of it.

However, since our move, our toaster oven has had some serious problems, well more serious than it already had. The top heating element has pretty much stopped working and only half of the bottom element works. John cooked a piece of toast on Sunday and this is how it turned out: completely untoasted on one side and burnt to a crisp on one half of the other side.

But we're stubborn and cheap, so we are refusing to buy a new toaster oven!


Jenn said...

I'm more of a toaster girl than oven! How frustrating! Makes for a funny blog post though! :)

Laurie Nguyen said...

The thing is, we have a regular toaster too. It's sitting right next to the toaster oven. But John doesn't think the bread (oroweat) fits in the toaster very well, so he uses the toaster oven for his toast. I use the toaster oven for other things.

RachelAA said...

I thought something was wrong with our toaster when I came up with this very same result - turned out I had mine on the bagel setting. Too bad for you though it looks as though you simply need a new one! Too funny.