Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney's California Adventure, Grizzly River Rapids

The Grizzly River Rapids is one of our favorite rides at California Adventure. Everyone, except AJ, loves it. There's usually a really long wait, so we went in the "single ride" line. David and Michael were able to go in the same boat, but John and I went alone (well with other riders, but not with each other).

I took a picture of Michael and David near the end of the ride, but Michael was hiding and David was not facing the camera, so I didn't post it. Below, there is one picture of John and a few of me. There are more of me, because John had the camera, and he wanted to make sure there were pictures of me posted on the blog. Also, I got drenched! There are geysers on the ride, and I was right under one.

You can't see me in this picture, because I am in all that white water from the geyser.

Here I am immediately after.

And finally, here's a picture of me after getting off the boat. Not the most flattering picture, and it doesn't show the full extent to which I was soaked, but it does the job.