Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Are There So Many Pieces?

A good friend of mine bought her daughter a play kitchen for Christmas. She asked if my boys could come over and put it together for her, because it was more difficult than she had anticipated, because it didn't come with the necessary screws.

David, Michael, A.J., and I went over one day to put it together. We thought it would take (at most) a couple of hours. When we arrived and saw all the pieces, I knew it would take a bit longer.

It took a couple of trips to the hardware store to get the right size screws, but after a little more than an hour, we got started.

While David and Michael were assembling the kitchen, AJ and his friend played chess.

After a couple of hours, everyone took a break.

Finally, it was finished (it still needed a couple more screws, but John finished the last couple screws the next time we went over, and it was done enough that it was safe to play with).

Thanks, David and Michael! (Aren't they great?)


Rojahn Family said...

Good boys. Very good boys. And you're a great mama.

Jenn said...

there must be a merit badge for that! What great guys!