Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Trip to Utah, Part 1

I took David, Michael, and A.J. to visit Mandi and her family in Utah during spring break. Here are some pictures of some interesting things we saw during our drive to and from Utah.

A lemonade stand shaped like a lemon.

A Dancing Statue of Liberty.

And our all-time favorite, Zzyzx Road. I wish we had a Zzyzx Road near us when I was a child and was searching for those hard to find letters in the alphabet game!

The kids in the car.

God's Creations.

These pictures do not capture the full beauty of each scene,
but I wanted to share them nonetheless.

Most of these are of the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona, with a few of St. George, Utah, and finally, the sunset in the deserts of Southern California.