Monday, June 28, 2010

A New BBQ Grill!

When we moved out of the old house, we decided not to take our old propane grill with us. While propane is convenient, we like the flavor of a good, old-fashioned charcoal grill.

With summer (and grilling season) upon us, we decided to buy a new barbeque grill. Originally, I planned on buying a cheap $20 grill that sits on a table top. But as John and I discussed what we wanted to do with the grill, we realized the $20 grill would not cut it.

So after looking at many different grills at several different stores, we purchased this one at our local Sam's Club. (You can view it here on their website.) We hope with the dual chambers, we can try our hand at smoked meats in addition to grilling. We'll let you know how it goes once we've put it together.


The Livingston Place said...

Nice...we'll be some of you guinnea pigs when you do your test meals!!!! hahahahah!