Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Last Hurrah!

Two of my good friends are moving this summer, so we had one last girls' night out. We were going to go to Coco's for pie, but they had just closed when we arrived. So we hopped across Sand Canyon Road to the Denny's. They were great! I think the manager was the one to wait on us, and he was really nice and made sure we had a good time. (Thanks, Dennys!)

After filling up on dessert and an omelet, we headed home, but not before my dear friend, Kristina, hopped on a truck outside and we snapped a picture. Thank you my dear friends!

(Aimee and Jenna taking a picture of Kristina on Jenna's new iPhone 4.)

Kristina being her wild and fun self.


tphillips said...

How fun!! Those two are truly going to be missed! We are losing two great and inspiring women!!!

Rojahn Family said... guys are so sweet. I have noticed that I look very very old and haggard in pics of me taken from the side, by the way. Yuck...but what can you do? Oh...and I love my iphone 4 teehee.