Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation, Day 1: Disneyland, Part 2:
AJ becomes a Padawan at the Jedi Academy

The past few times we visited Disneyland, we saw bits and pieces of the Jedi Training Academy "Experience." This time, AJ said he wanted to try and do it. So we showed up early to the 10:30 showtime, but there were tons of kids there. We hoped AJ would be able to participate, but thought there was a good chance he would not be selected due to the sheer number of potiential participants.

As they were calling boys and girls up on the stage, there were running out of spots, and AJ was getting a bit worried (as were John and I), but they called AJ's name! He had a great time "training" and battling Darth Maul (see videos below).

AJ, Padawan learner, practicing his Jedi moves

AJ battles Darth Maul and defeats him!