Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation, Day 3: Old Town San Diego, CA, Part 1:
An Overview

Before visiting San Diego, I asked several friends what they recommended we should do while on our vacation. Everyone said, "Old Town." So on Saturday, we visited Old Town San Diego.

We had a great time visiting the old buildings, looking at historical artifacts, eating good food, and shopping. Here are several photos we took throughout the day.

Interesting treats in some of the stores
Butterfly candy (yes it is real butterfly)

Scorpian lollypop

Worm lollypop

Cricket lollypop

John, David, and Michael looking at the dozens of bottles of hot sauce, trying to find the hottest one.

Some of the clothing worn by women of the time. It looked hot, but quite elegant. Of course, it was a little out of my price range for a souvenier ($400).

Another $400 dress.

You may notice that I am in more of these pictures, because John said I was never in the pictures I post on the blog. He insisted he take a few with me in them.

Taking the Reins!

Dipping candles.

More candles.

And more candles.

Some of the unique treats found in San Diego.

The kids tried to break into the jail in Old Town.

Now they're trying to break into the safe!

Trying their hand at morse code.

I think the stoves/ovens of the time were prettier than they are now, but I don't imagine they were easy to work with.

Miniature of Old Town.

More artifact from the visitor center.