Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation, Day 3: Old Town San Diego, CA,
Part 3: Things I Liked

Here are some pictures of interesting things in Old Town that I liked.

First, I really enjoy looking at different nativities and there was one store with several made in different countries. Here are a few snapshots...
Second, there was quite a bit of outdoor art (mostly figurines, but also pretty benches, wall murals, etc.) Here are a few I particularly liked...
Thirdly, I found these in one of the stores, and I thought about buying one. However, I decided it would be just as easy to find them on the Internet when I got home if I was serious about making an old-fashioned dress. (I have some pictures of the dresses in Old Town here.)
Finally, there were some interesting period figurines on display in one of the museums (I think this was in a the stable).