Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Many People Does It Take To Set-up a TV?

We cancelled cable almost 3 years ago, and we felt we couldn't justify buying a new TV when we use our laptops to watch shows via the Internet.  But recently, we've started watching more movies at home with the kids, and we thought our family would enjoy the experience more with a little larger TV.

So, after considering it for at least 5 years, we finally bought a flat screen TV.  It's a LED-TV and we're pretty happy with it.  We can stream programs directly through it or hook up our laptops and stream through the TV.

Of course, it took us quite a while to get it set up, and we broke our surround sound/DVD player in the process (although I have no idea HOW we did that).  It kind of defeats the purpose of buying a larger TV to watch movies when the DVD player is broken.  So, we bought a blu-ray player.  We've finally entered the modern age...



KickButtMommy said...

yay for blu-ray! And don't feel bad. Even though my hubby is the director of technology something something, our TV is a tube and 8 years old. :) Weighs 200 lbs.