Monday, January 19, 2009

A Bad Week

Our kids did not have the best luck last week.

On Tuesday, Michael came home from school with a hurt finger (he jammed it playing basketball). It was swollen and hurt to bend it. After a thorough examination, I put a splint on it and declared it jammed rather than broken
(Having broken a finger myself, I felt confident in that assessment.) The swelling began to go down.

However, on Thursday morning, Michael's finger was swelling again. After asking Michael a few questions, I determined that the swelling was probably due to the fact that he took a shower the night before with the splint on. We took the splint off and put ice on it. (If that hadn't worked, I was planning to take him to the doctor.) Within 30 minutes of taking the splint off, the swelling was almost completely gone. He had a small bruise on one knuckle and on the side of his finger, but other than that, it was much better. He able to move it now and no longer needs the splint.

Then, on Wednesday, Jacob complained that his foot was hurting. He stepped on something over the weekend and it looked like the bottom of his foot was covered with a stripe of blisters. I took him to the doctor, because I suspected that his cut was infected, and the infection was spreading. The doctor confirmed it and prescribed some pretty heavy duty antibiotics. His foot is doing much better. The swelling is down, but you can still see the "line" where the infection was spreading from his wound. I would show you pictures, but Jacob did not want pictures of his foot on the internet. He told me to find a picture of someone else's foot and show that, but I couldn't find one.