Monday, January 26, 2009

My weird sense of humor

There is a new restaurant near our house, Dickie's Barbeque Pit. Well, they have the weirdest hand dryers I've ever seen. I mentioned them to someone else, and she knew exactly what hand dryers I was talking about, so I must not go out much.

Anyway, they are "super powerful" and dry your hands in about 10 seconds. That's not the weird thing (although it is efficient). The weird thing is the way the hand dryer blows so hard your flesh is moved around on your hand.

I took a couple pictures to demonstrate. I took pictures of the front and back of my hand (one with the hand dryer and one without) and one of my arm.

AJ wanted me to take a picture of him too, so there is a picture of his hand under the hand dryer.


Jenn said...

ha that's so funny! Next time have AJ put his face up there!