Friday, March 6, 2009

Another missed Spirit Assembly

One thing I like about being a stay at home mom is that I am available for any and all special events (class parties, field trips, assemblies, etc.). This year, I have missed two spirit assemblies honoring my kids.

Late last year, Michael and AJ came home from school and told me they received awards at the Friday Spirit Assembly. While this was exciting news, I was a bit surprised that neither of their teachers informed me about their awards. Usually, the teacher sends home a note or calls me, so John and I can attend. When I questioned the boys, they both said, "I forgot." AJ had a note for me that he had buried in his backpack (shame on me for not going through the backpack everyday). I think Michael's teacher told him and he forgot to tell me (because he didn't have a note). I told them I was a bit sad, because I enjoy watching them receive additional positive reinforcement for a job well done at school.

Last Friday, AJ and Michael came home from school and told me they received awards at the Friday Spirit Assembly (with different awards). Again, both failed to mention this to me. You'd think I would have learned my lesson after the first missed assembly, but I was getting lazy and not going through backpacks everyday. I thought weekends were enough, as long as all the homework was getting done and turned in.

Anyway... I took the boys to McDonalds so they could redeem their award certificates for free food and took their pictures with their awards. I am very proud of AJ and Michael. They work hard on their studies and are wonderful boys.