Saturday, March 21, 2009

Santa Clarita Emergency Expo

Today, Michael's scout troop met at the Santa Clarita Emergency Expo and toured the exhibit. There were many different booths with information about disaster preparedness and accident prevention. Families were encouraged to come, so A.J. and I tagged along.

There were many interesting things to do and see. Here are some photos of the kids enjoying the event.

This photo shows Michael in the earthquake simulator "classroom." He thought it was fun! I hope he feels the same way during our next earthquake.

The boys are posing in front of a car damaged during a car accident. The firefighters were going to demonstrate how they use their equipment to free those trapped in vehicles after an accident.

This booth demostrated the dangers of electricity using models and action figures. The Southern California Edison employee, wearing safety equipment, created electrical arcs showing the danger of touching power lines. (Please do not do this at home!) The boys really enjoyed this one, especially pointing out the scorch marks around the people that had come in contact with electricity. I just hope they also remember that electricity can be dangerous.