Friday, March 6, 2009

Julie Beck's Visit

My friend, Jenny, serves as the Relief Society Secretary in our ward, and she sent out a really nice summary of Sister Beck's fireside. I thought you might enjoy it.


Notes from Julie Beck Fireside

We need to be strong and immovable.
It takes faith every day.

To Mothers of Small Children
You cannot delegate real mothering - other people can help but it is your responsibility
We have the leadership responsibility of Eve
Prepare so that you are on top of your game
Don't be a chauffer - be a teacher (don't keep your children entertained, teach them!)
If we have missionaries in 10-15 years, it is because mothers teach them
No one can fill in for you like you can
No one has the keys (from the sealing power) that you do to do your job

To Mothers of Teenage Children
As a mother, qualify for a temple recommend & go there often. Pay attention while you are there. Your responsibilities are taught there.
Tie your children to the temple (Baptisms for the Dead) and you will tie them to you.
Moses 5 - Adam and Eve had to learn to work
They offered sacrifices. They were tying themselves to the Savior (even though they didn't know it at first - blind obedience)
They were glad they were having a mortal experience
We all want the dream, but we were promised the experience.
The experience is preparing us for the dream - Eternal Life.

How do we help family and loved ones far away from us that are going through a hard time?
3 Things Adam and Eve had to do when they began to learn and be self-reliant
1 - They had to leave
2 - They had to cleave
3 - They had to be one
Married couples need to do these 3 things.
Learn to be the extended family
We cannot do everything our heart yearns to do
We can pray
We may not get to do it, but someone else can. It just works out - put it in the Lord's hands.

Decide the culture of your family
Build children who are self-reliant
You can increase your faith everyday
Pray and read the scriptures everyday - then you don't have to decide if today is the day you are going to do it or not
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's work cannot be done without the help of their daughters
Rise up and take part