Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Heard Angels Sing

We had ward conference on Sunday. The speakers were wonderful, and the music was beautiful. There were two musical numbers sung by our ward choir: an intermediate hymn and a closing hymn. The intermediate hymn was lovely, however the closing hymn, Canon in D, had an unexpected effect on me.

As I was sitting there feeling spiritually fed, I listened to our choir sing Canon in D and thought this must be what it will be like to hear angels sing in Heaven. The choir was unified and blended together beautifully. They were pitch perfect, and I felt I was transported. Those on the stand (our Bishopric and Stake Presidency)appeared affected as well.

As the music enveloped the congregation, tears came to my eyes, and I wasn't quite sure why. Perhaps it was the beauty of the piece, the spirit I felt as I listened, my longing for my Heavenly Home and the reunion I'll have with loved ones who are there, or was it because our choir sounded much louder than normal. Perhaps angels were accompanying them, and the congregation could feel that. I'm not sure, but it was a lovely Sunday service.